Dalton Gang Hideout
and escape tunnel

502 S Pearlette Street
Meade, Kansas 67864
(620) 873-2731   (800) 354-2743

Monday - Saturday: 9AM - 5PM      Sunday: 1-5PM
$5 admission

Dalton Gang Hideout Map

Dalton Gang Hideout - Meade, Kansas
Eva Dalton home - Meade, Kansas
Eva Dalton's home (Mrs. J.N. Whipple)

The Dalton Gang Hideout in Meade Kansas was the home of Mrs. J. N. Whipple from 1887 until 1892. Eva Whipple was the sister of Grat Dalton, Bob Dalton, and Emmett Dalton. The Dalton Gang was a notorious group of outlaws from 1890-1892, that robbed banks and trains.

Many people suspected Eva Dalton of hiding her brothers, but it wasn't until after she disappeared and there were new residents in the Whipple home, that a hidden tunnel between the home and less visible stable was found.

The Dalton Gang Hideout was developed as a tourist attraction in 1940, when the escape tunnel was rebuilt in a WPA project. The 3 foot dirt tunnel was replaced with a stone passageway that can be easily walked through. The Meade Chamber of Commerce took over the Dalton Hideout in 1970 and ran the Museum until the Meade County Historical Society took it over in 1995.

Today the Dalton Gang Hideout has a gift shop and modest museum in the barn. The museum has a wide variety of items including their rarest item, the preserved body of a two headed calf. 

From the barn, visitors walk through the stone tunnel to Eva Dalton's home which is furnished with period furniture and has several newspaper articles and photos of the history of the Dalton Gang Hideout.

There have been indications that the Dalton Gang Hideout is haunted. They include unexplained noises and voices. But the most inexplicable experience involved books disappearing from the gift shop and later returning to the shelves.

Dalton Gang Hideout - Meade, Kansas

Staff of the Dalton Gang Museum during our 2008 visit : Susan Meggenburg,
historic reenactor & Curator Marc Ferguson, Meade County Historical Society President Norman Dye,

Dalton Gang Hideout gift shop - Meade, Kansas
Dalton Gang Hideout gift shop

Dalton Gang Hideout escape tunnel
Tunnel from the barn / musem to Eva Dalton's home.

Two headed calf
Two headed calf in the msueum

Eva Dalton's home

Dalton Gang Hideout Map - Meade, Kansas
Dalton Gang Hideout Map

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