Not So
National Park

State Highway 47
1.25 miles west of US Highway 59
Erie, Kansas 66733
Moved to Erie Dinosaur Park

Kansas Grassroots folk art 

Dinodaur sculptures

Dinosaur Not So National ParkMany of the late Robert Dorris' dinosaurs have moved to 4th and Walnut in Erie, Kansas, at a new Erie Dinosaur Park. The photos on this page are now historic.

I first learned about Dinosaur Not So National Park on the PBS show Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations. The Dinosaur Park is located in the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dorris on the north side of Kansas Highway 47, southwest of Erie, Kansas

When Bob retired from his work as an Air Force engineer, he began creating sculptures from junk metal. The yard is filled with wonderful, flowers, reptiles and dinosaurs. The largest are over 30 feet long.

Mr Dorris passed away in 2007 at the age of 82, but the family still lives in the home. Visitors are welcome to drive in past the Dorris home to photograph and enjoy the sculptures. You can stop at the house to speak to them if you choose.

The back of the yard is loaded with interesting old pieces of metal and rock that could have become many more wonderful creatures. I hope that arrangements are made so that the creations will continue to be on display forever.


grassroots dinosaurs



Possibly the last dinosaur awaiting finishing touches in Bob's shop


Erie Dinosaur Park

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