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Kansas is a national leader in grassroots or self taught folk art. From the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Kansas to displays in artists' yards across the state, there are dozens of opportunities to enjoy grassroots art and meet the artists.

Archive pages of grassroots art environments which are no longer open: Glen Stark's Home, Eric Abraham's Flying Pig Studio & Gallery, Grandpa's Old Ford Garage, Todd Baker's Tiki Heads and Kracht's Castle Island.

Alta Vista, Kansas - Folk art lines the highway fence posts and fills the yard of Frese Farm's Chainsaw Larry, east of Alta Vista on Highway K-4. 

Larry Frese is carving as a hobby during retirement and much of the wood is from dead elms on his property.

Frese Farm's Chainsaw Larry - Alta Vista, Kansas
Augusta, Kansas - Henry's Sculpture Hill includes a gallery and over 30 outdoor sculptures created by Franklin L. Jensen, primarily made from steel and/or found objects.

Tours are closed indefinitely, but many of the sculptures may be viewed from the adjoining roads.

Henry's culpture Hill
Belleville, Kansas - The Paul Boyer Museum
Of Animated Carvings is open May through September from Wednesday through Saturday 1:00PM - 5:00PM, other days and times by appointments.

The animated miniature creations of Paul Boyer are spectacular. The piece at right is on display at the Grassroots Art Center.

Grassroots art at the Boyer Gallery
Cawker City, Kansas - Eyegore's Odditorium and Monster Museum opened in April 2021, about a block from the World's Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas. Matt Alford is a fan of the horror genre and has created many odd items to amuse and entertain visitors. They sell souvenirs, penny candies, hot sauces and some of Matt's grassroots art, but this feels much more like a gallery or museum than a gift shop. Eyegore's Odditorium and Monster Museum - Cawker City, Kansas
Coats, Kansas - Frank Lockert created this petrified wood art environment in the 1930s. Today the yard and adjoining house belong to Patsy A Fittro and her husband Glenn Knowles. Observe it from the sidewalk, or knock on the door and ask if you may see the art closer.

309 Main Street, Coats, Kansas 67028

Lockert Petrified Wood - Coats, Kansas
DeSoto, Kansas - Grandpa's Garage and Body Shop is a 1918 Model T Garage where Dean Weller turns old automobile parts and sheet of metal into works of art. Dean retired 28 years ago and he has been creating nearly a vehicle a year, including some of the most beautiful cars that I have ever seen.

Visiting the garage is limited to Tuesday mornings (it interrupts his work), but you are welcome to drive by and view the lovely old garage with its classic 1930s Ford signs, and look in the windows at his automotive creations. The most recent is a hand built replica 1912 Mercer Raceabout.

America's Sweetheart Model A by Dean Weller
Erie, Kansas - Erie Dinosaur Park was created in 2015, after moving much of the art of the late Robert Dorris from Dinosaur Not So National Park, which had been located at his home on the north side of Kansas Highway 47, southwest of Erie, Kansas.  Erie Dinosaur Park - Erie, Kansas
Great Bend, Kansas - Bob Mix is one of the artists featured at the Grass Roots Art Center. He welds creatures and vehicles from scrap and junk metal. Call ahead and Bob & his wife Beverly will take you on a tour of their yard where you will see wacky vehicles, the skeletons of a saber tooth tiger, animals & primitive fish, and other creations. The art is impressive, but the real highlight was Bob & Bev and their stories. 

Open by appointment.

Bob Mix grassoots art
Hays, Kansas - The Stone Gallery in Hays, Kansas is the fascinating two story gallery and studio of Pete Felten. Felten is a self taught artist who sculpts, makes pottery, paints, takes photographs, and works in other media.

Two of the most interesting current projects are a bathroom that he is decorating with tile, and a fence on the edge of the property that he has been working on for years. Pete is interesting as well as creative.


Stone Gallery - Hays, Kansas
Howard, Kansas - The welded metal sculptures of Hubble's Rubble (AKA Hubble Rubble People) fill an empty lot along Kansas Highway 99 in Howard, Kansas. The sculptures were created by Jerry Hubbell, a realtor and rancher. The welded metal sculptures of Hubble's Rubble include odd vehicles, animals and cartoon characters.

Open any time.

Hubble's Rubble
Humboldt, Kansas - The Lewis R Howland Collection at the Humboldt Historical Museum has hundreds of scale models of horse drawn carriages and circus wagons built by the late Lewis R. Howland.

Open weekends Memorial Day through the 2nd weekend in October. Rest of year open by appointment.   free

Lewis R Howland Collection at the Humboldt Historical Museum
Hutchinson, Kansas - Lost Acres Ranch on the northeast side of Hutchinson is a grassroots art environment of cement and rebar cement sculptures by the late Richard Brown (1934-2004). Drive by only Lost Acres Ranch - Hutchinson, Kansas
Kingman, Kansas - Glenn Stark was a grassroots artist who did fine wood carving and built larger sculptures using a metal framework and concrete. His work was displayed at his home in Kingman, Kansas until his death in 2014. The art has since been moved to other locations including this Glenn Stark Park in downtown Kingman where about 20 of his concrete sculptures have been moved. Glenn Stark Park - Kingman, Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas - Art Tougeau in Lawrence, Kansas is an annual wheeled art parade and wheel-apalooza. It takes place on Memorial Day weekend.

Art Tougeau is a lot of fun - a grassroots art festival on wheels. 

Lawrence, Kansas - The Lawrence home of Cindy and Nick Schmiedler has been turned into a grassroots environment. The various interesting mobiles, statues and unusual fence shown here can all be seen from the street and sidewalk, without entering the Schmiedler's yard. Schmiedler Art Environment - Lawrence, Kansas
Lincoln County, Kansas - J. R. Dickerman's fabulous Creature Creations form an "Open Range Zoo" along Highway 18. The best half of the creatures are in the first few miles from the eastern county line.

Open any time.

Lincoln, Kansas - Soaring Heart Gallery is the home and studio of J. R. Dickerman, who has lined the highways of Lincoln County with an Open Range Zoo (see Lincoln County, below) made up of his "Creature Creations." 

The studio is filled with more creatures, masks and costumes. Many of these smaller creations are made from bone, animal skulls, and feathers. Crazy, wonderful stuff that deserves a wider audience. 

Soaring Heart Gallery - Lincoln, KS
Lucas, Kansas - The Garden of Eden is probably the most famous local art in Kansas. Created from limestone and cement by S. P. Dinsmoor, a retired schoolteacher and Civil War veteran who moved to Lucas, Kansas in 1891. Built over 25 years, there are a limestone log cabin,  150 figures and other forms, from insects to 40 feet tall trees. 
Lucas, Kansas - The governor declared that Lucas is the Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas. The Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, promotes self taught artists from around the state of Kansas, with an emphasis on the folk artists who did most of their work in Lucas. The Center occupies three late 18th Century buildings downtown Lucas.

Open year around, admission $5.50 for adults.

Grassroots Art Center
Lucas, Kansas - Florence Deeble grew up watching S.P. Dinsmoor was construct the Garden of Eden and was inspired as an adult to build her own concrete postcards around her home. She began building Florence Deeble's Rock Garden using rocks brought back from her travels when she was 50 years old and continued nearly 50 years.

Open daily, admission included with the Grassroots Art Center.

Florence Deeble's Rock Garden
Lucas, Kansas - Florence Deeble's Rock Garden has been a Lucas, Kansas landmark for over 50 years, but since 2002, the Deeble house has been the home of an interior garden - the Garden of Isis by Mri-Pilar. a visual artist from Lawrence, Kansas. The Garden of Isis is 5 rooms of art made from doll bodies, toys, kitchen utensils and other recycled materials. Many of the items are available for purchase.

Open daily, admission included with the Grassroots Art Center.

Folk art in the Garden of Isis
Lucas, Kansas - Roy and Clara Miller began building a rest stop on Kansas Highway 18 in 1921. Starting in 1932, they added a rock garden and miniature buildings using rocks and shells they brought home from their travels and until the 1960s, travelers stopping at Miller's Park found rock & concrete sculptures, fresh water, cabins, a playground and picnic tables. 45 pieces of the folk art environment are preserved in Miller's Park Sculptures. Miller's Park Sculptures - Lucas, Kansas
Mullinville, Kansas - Kanza art is an unique collection of junk metal folk art, windmills and signs that line several of the streets of Mullinville along the arms of the "V" formed by US Highways 400 and 54 in southwest Kansas is the home of the Kanza Art Studio. There are hundreds of examples of junk metal folk art, windmills and sometimes disturbing political and local religious commentary.

Open anytime.

Kanza art - Mullinville, Kansas
Rose Hill, Kansas - Just 3 miles east of Field Station Dinosaurs is a completely different group of dinosaurs and other unique creatures at Jurassic Art in Rose Hill. Dozens of grassroots art creations by Phil Brinkley cover about an acre surrounding the auto and motorcycle shop of Heavy Metal Restorations and Margaret Brinkley's Spiritual Healing and Consultation Studio. Jurassic Art - Rose Hill, Kansas
Scandia, Kansas - The wood carvings by Allen D. Larson are my favorite part of the Scandia Museum.

There are several works by Larson including "Wagon Train Attack" which has 8557 hand made pieces including 2500 Native Americans, 2640 cavalry, 82 trees & cactus and 200 head dress feathers.

Open Monday - Saturday afternoons, Memorial Day through Labor Day or by appointment. Free.

wood carvings by Allen D. Larson - Scandia, Kansas
St. Francis, Kansas - The welded metal sculptures created by the late Harvey Walz feature motion. A dozen or so windmills are on display in his former front yard.

Drive by, or shop at the fireworks display during the first few days of July.

Harvey Walz metal sculpture - St. Francis, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas - Truckhenge is an eclectic combination of farm, salvage & recycled art and nature sanctuary. It includes 5 antique trucks jutting out of the ground - reminiscent of England's Stonehenge or Nebraska's Carhenge.

Open by appointment.

Truckhenge grassroots art
Wetmore, Kansas - The Rock and Critter Garden northeast of Wetmore, Kansas is a grassroots arts environment created by retired farmer and welder Paul Fritz. The critters are set in a garden with trees, flowers, shrubs and many large decorative rocks. Rock and Critter Garden - Wetmore, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas - The Gary Pendergrass Steampunk Art Environment is a whimsical treasure which fills a side yard at Gary's home in Wichita and is open during daylight hours.

Steampunk is a form of fantasy which uses ideas and designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam powered machinery.

Gary Pendergrass Steampunk Art - Wichita, Kansas

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