Hubble Rubble

Randolph & Highway 99 
Howard, Kansas  67349
(620) 374-2012

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Kansas Grassroot, Outsider & Folk Art

Hubble's Rubble - Howard, Kansas
Hubble's Rubble - Howard, Kansas

The welded metal sculptures of Hubble's Rubble (AKA Hubble Rubble People) fill an empty lot along Kansas Highway 99 in Howard, Kansas. The sculptures were created by Jerry Hubbell, a realtor and rancher. Jerry has had no formal are training, but  took welding lessons when he bagan farming in 1980, in order to learn how to mend implements for his farm.

I flearned about Hubble Rubble on Episode 301 of Public Television's Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations.

My first visit to Hubble Rubble was in 2006. When I returned in 2009,  I saw only a couple of sculptures that looked new from my first visit, but many of the folk art pieces had been freshened up.

Before you leave town, you may wish to grab a bite to eat at Toot's Drive-in, one block north of Hubble Rubble on K-99, or Poplar Pizza, a few blocks west..

Metal dragon at Hubble Rubble
Puff the Magic Dragon sculpture

Woodstock & Snoopy sculpture
 Woodstock & Snoopy on top of the doghouse

Hubble's Rubble boat
USS Sweet Alice

Metal cowboy

Hubble's Rubble
Batman and the bat cycle


Hubble's Rubble outhouse
Info Center (outhouse) where you can sign the Hubble's Rubble guest book

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