Lebold Mansion

 106 N. Vine Street
Abilene, Kansas  67410
(785) 263-4356 

No longer open to the public
Drive by only

Seelye Mansion

Lebold Mansion - Abilene, Kansas
Lebold Mansion

At the time that these photos were taken, the Lebold Mansion was being restored as a show house for Victorian Interior's, an interior design & home restoration firm. Has of the fall of 2010, the Mansion is now a private residence may just be viewed from the street.

The Lebold Mansion was built in 1880 at the cost of $18,000, but the original owners had the home for a only short time. Consequently, over the years, the mansion was used as a dormitory for telephone operators, an orphanage, and apartments.

The rooms are beautiful, though a little too dark and busy for my personal taste. To me, the coolest thing about the mansion is the foundation for the mansion's tower - a small domed room which served as a dugout for by the first family to settle in Abilene in 1857. 

The Lebold Mansion was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

Lebold Mansion office.
Mr. Lebold's office



Lebold Mansion dining room
Lebold Mansion dining room

Tim and Eliza Hersey 1857 stone dugout.

Lebold Mansion 2nd floor hallway

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