Eleanor's Events
formerly Lyndon Leaders 4H Sunflowers
473 W. 189th Street
Scranton, Kansas 66537

Finished for 2021
Dawn to Sunset

Free admission - donations appreciated

Eleanor's Sunflower Festival Map

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Eleanor's Sunflower Festival - Scranton, Kansas

Eleanor's Events Sunflowers - Scranton, Kansas August 22, 2020

Since 2020 these sunflower fields are named Eleanor's Events ("Sunflower Festival" is no longer part of the name). There is no admission charge, though a donation box is available. This public sunflower location near Scranton, Kansas, began several years ago as a public service from the Lyndon Leaders 4H Club. had become Eleanor's Sunflower Festival.

The first couple of years they were afraid of getting too big a response from the public and at their request we held off promoting their sunflower fields until 2018. That year they had 20 acres of black oil sunflowers and the sunflowers reached full bloom about August 16, 2018. 

In 2021 field opened to the public from Friday August 27 through September 5. You can track the status of the sunflowers at the Eleanor's Events Sunflower Facebook page

The fields are now about a mile northwest of where they were the first few years and are now just a little west of US-75. There is a truck with a sunflower sign on the side at the main highway.

No rest rooms are available.

Kansas Sunflower

Sunset August 22, 2020 as the sunflowers are beginning to bloom


A family photo shoot in 2018

No charge, but donations are appreciated.

Lyndon Leaders 4H Sunflowers Map - Scranton, Kansas
Eleanor's Events Sunflowers Map for 2020

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