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Kansas is the "sunflower state" and wild sunflowers and commercial sunflower fields can be found across the state, but in recent years, cultivated sunflower fields which are open to the public have become phenomenally popular. So many people want a chance to walk through the sunflower fields and take family photos that one location has had lines of cars up to a half mile long.

But other farms have responded to the demand and here is a list of the sunflower fields we have had a chance to visit. Several of them have pages devoted to them and we will be adding more. There are still more public sunflower fields, including KC Farm School at Gibbs Road in Kansas City, Cedar Creek Farm & Pumpkin Patch in Maize, 3 Oaks Barn in DeSoto, and Hickory Hollow Pumpkin Patch near Spearville. We are attempting to visit them when they are in bloom. If you have a public sunflower field we have not listed, email us with details and an invitation to visit.

Please contact us at with other sunflower fields which are open to the public. 

Alma, Kansas - Little Munchkins Pumpkin Patch has the newest & smallest public sunflower field we have found. The small field is at the back of Little Munchkins and their many other attractions were drawing all of the attention in 2020 when this photo was taken. 2024 prices are $15/ages 2-16, $5 for Adults, cash or check and the sunflowers bloomed October 1 until about the middle of the month. They timed the planting to try to have them bloom in late September / early October 2023, They are now done.

29583 Low Water North Road, Alma, Kansas 66401 
(785) 765-3451

Little Munchkins Pumpkin Patch - Alma, Kansas
Augusta, Kansas - Since 2016, Diana Burress - B Realty Realtor/Broker has planted a field of sunflowers, open to the public at no charge. The period this field was pretty was short in 2020 and the bloom was over in mid August. In 2022 there was not enough rain and so few flowers bloomed that the field did not open to the public. In 2023 seeds were planted June 23, plants bloom August 14 and lasted about 2 weeks.

Take SW Thunder Road southwest of town to SW 115th Street, and a half mile west. 

Diana Burress - B Realty Sunflower Field - Augusta, Kansas
Baxter Springs, Kansas - For several years, the City of Baxter Springs, Kansas has planted a sunflower field along Historic Route 66 to give folks a photo opportunity along The Route. It did not happen in 2020 & 2022. but there were sunflowers in 2021 and they are back in 2023. Finished for 2023. Sunflower Field - Baxter Springs, Kansas
Buhler, Kansas - 2023 was the fifth year of sunflowers at Kansas Maze Sunflower Festival, and it was open August 23 - September 7. 

There are a few other things to do, such as jumping pillow, giant puzzle and photo opportunities. 5K & 1 mile runs were held on August 26, 2023.

Burns, Kansas - Walter's Pumpkin Patch is one of the growing number of pumpkin patches which are extending their season by adding sunflowers. Last year they planted two crops side by side. 

They offer many activities, such as a corn maze, two gift shops, play areas, but the $22.78 admission seems high if you are just there for the sunflowers. We liked the fresh warm donuts for a dollar. The sunflower fields were open in August 2021, but were in bloom only briefly in mid September 2022. The sunflowers are finished for 2023.

Walters Pumpkin Patch - Augusta, Kansas
Clearwater, Kansas - In recent years, Klausmeyer Farm & Pumpkin Patch, north of Clearwater, Kansas, has added sunflower fields which are open to the public for a $2 fee. In 2022 they planted three 40 acre fields with sunflowers, a few weeks apart, so they bloomed over a longer period of time. In 2023 the final bloom ended about September 27.

We like a number of the things which Klausmeyers are doing, including providing paths to make it easier to go into the fields. In addition, they have left props for better photo opportunities like benches and round hay bales.

Klausmeyer Farm and Pumpkin Patch - Clearwater, Kansas
Edgerton, Kansas - Gieringers Family Orchard & Berry Farm is a busy "u-pick farm" farm from April through October. Since 2015, they have also offered public sunflower fields. In 2022 there have been multiple sunflower fields in bloom different times.  Your $10 fee includes corn maze & kids mini maze, combine slide & truck slide, kids play area, picnic area, food trucks and more. The first 2023 sunflower bloom was in July. The second batch are in full bloom October 12. Edgerton, Kansas - Gieringers Family Orchard and Berry Farm
Edgerton, Kansas - 2023 is the 5th year for sunflowers at Lewis Farms. They have a large field, right next to Edgerton Road, with better parking than most of the public sunflower fields. They are open dawn to dusk. Taking photos is free, though there are donation boxes. You can cut and purchase sunflowers for $2 each or 3 for $5. Mums & pumpkins are also for sale after 3 PM and all day on weekends. Sunflowers bloomed late September to early October and are now finished

18100 Edgerton Road, Edgerton, Kansas 66021
(913) 802-7425

Edgerton, Kansas - Lewis Farms sunflowers
Lawrence, Kansas - Ted and Kris Grinter's Sunflower Farm in Leavenworth County, between Lawrence and Tonganoxie. have been inviting the public to see their sunflowers for over a decade and it has become a phenomena. The Grinter family let the public come into the fields and take photos for free. There is a place to leave a donation and a dollar is requested if you take a flower with you. 

The Grinters planted sunflowers in mid July and they started blooming days before Labor Day. The bloom is over for 2023.

Grinter's Sunflower Farm - Lawrence, Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas - Hunsinger Sunflower Patch is a 6 acre sunflower farm on the south side of Lawrence. George and Cheryl Hunsinger started the field in 2016 to provide a free place for the public to enjoy sunflowers without having to battle the crowds that were growing at a nearby public field. In 2022, the bloom reached its peak in the 3rd week of August and by August 28 most of the bloom had past with one group of smaller plants still in bloom at the far south end. There were still many people having a good time. The 2023 bloom is over.
Lindsborg, Kansas - After taking years off in 2020 and 2022, the Peterson Farm Brothers Sunflower Trails are back. This year the field is located outside Lindsborg, Kansas, just a couple of miles from Coronado Heights Park, The flowers were at just about the perfect stage when we visited on September 3, 2021. Trails were open through September 19! Only a small part of the field still looks good.

Sunflower peak bloom was Labor Day weekend in 2023 and ended September 7.

Peterson Farm Brothers Sunflower Trails - Lindsborg, Kansas
Manhattan, Kansas - A & H Farm is a farm market with some attractions for children. The sunflower field in 2021 it was small, sparse and you have to wade through a few inches of mud & water to get to the sunflowers. The 2022 $15 fee is a little high if you are just going for the sunflowers, but is more reasonable if you are there to see goats and do other things. The produce market was nicer than than the farm. The 2023 bloom is over.

1516 Collins Lane, Manhattan, Kansas 66502
(785) 320-5408

A & H Farm - Manhattan, Kansas
Manhattan, Kansas - Britt's Sunflower Field is a 30 acre sunflower field operated by Britt's Garden Acres, a farm market on the southwest side of town. Go to the market first to pay $5 for a wristband and they will direct you to the field a couple of miles away. The sunflowers were a little beat down from heavy rain the day we visited in 2021. There were Guinea fowl in the field from nearby. Peak Sunflower bloom in 2022 was about September 18. 2 fields are planted in 2023. Both bloomed in September and are finished for the year.

1000 South Scenic Drive, Manhattan, Kansas 66503
(785) 539-1901

Britt's Sunflower Field - Manhattan, Kansas
Pomona, Kansas - Aunt B's Blossoms grows hand picked seasonal flowers and has a sunflower field near Ottawa, Kansas which blooms in early September each year. Visitors can reserve a time slot between 6:30-8:30 PM each evening for free. Donations are accepted to benefit the Franklin County Cancer Foundation in memory of Cole Hayden, Aunt B's nephew. Reservations required.

The final day of the sunflower bloom was September 10, 2023.

1720 Sand Creek Road, Pomona, Kansas 66076
(813) 285-9541

Aunt B's Blossoms - Ottawa, Kansas
Scranton, Kansas - Eleanor's Events is a public sunflower field a few miles south of Scranton, Kansas. It grew out of a public service project by the Lyndon Leaders 4H Club. No admission is charged, but donations are appreciated. Eleanor's Events sunflower field was open August 24 - September 3, 2022. Final day to visit is Labor Day in 2023.

1000 East 189th Street, Scranton, Kansas 66537

Eleanor's Events - Scranton, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas - Berry Hill UPick Farm in Berryton, Kansas, just south of Topeka is a public sunflower farm. The owners of Berry Hill UPick decided to plant sunflowers to help draw attention to their strawberry farm. The farm started growing sunflowers in 2017 and with the popularity of the Grinter's Sunflower Farm in Leavenworth County, this seemed like a great way to gain visibility.

The first sunflowers bloomed in June 2023. The second bloom concluded the first weekend in August and the third ended in September.

Berry Hill UPick Farm i- Berryton, Kansas
Tecumseh Kansas - Arkenberg Farms is a CNG Certified Farm grown natural vegetables near the Kansas Turnpike East Topeka Toll Plaza. Each year they have a sunflower field open to the public. Admission is $5 at a self pay station. In 2023 they do not have a sunflower field.

Arkenberg Farms, 645 Southeast Tecumseh Road, Tecumseh, Kansas 66542  (785)231-9018

Email me about your favorite Kansas sunflower fields.

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