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Lincoln County, Kansas

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Open Range Zoo creature statue
"Marauder" Highway 14 south side of Lincoln, Kansas

"Dream Dragon The Breakout"  Junction of Highways 14 & 18

The highways of Lincoln County, Kansas are the home of the Open Range Zoo, which features nearly 30 unusual welded metal creatures. Artist Jim Dickerman created these "Creature Creations" to promote his Soaring Heart Gallery art studio near Beverly, Kansas in Lincoln County. I had some difficulty in locating the art gallery, but fortunately his family saw this page and contacted me. The larger creatures are made from farm equipment and many of them move with the wind.

Many of Jim's Creatures are along Highway 18, near the east end of Lincoln County. A listing of most of these creatures is at the bottom of this page.

"Super Bug"



"Dream Dragon IV The Harvestor"  Highway 18 mile marker 106

"Gasasaurses" and "Dino" in yard in Beverly, Kansas

"Big A Bug"

"Power Hawk"

Finding the creatures in J. R. Dickerman's Open Range Zoo

Along Highway 18, starting starting in Ottawa County:

Mile Marker 113:  "Power Hawk"

At the Lincoln County line, north side:  "Pasture Parrot #2"  "Spin o Bird"

North on gravel county line road, atop the old schoolhouse:  "Kansas Canary"
            (To visit Soaring Hear Gallery, drive north to intersection, turn left and drive 1/2 mile,
               turn right and drive 3/4 mile to the gallery)

Back on Highway 18, west  at mile marker 106, south side: "Dream Dragon IV the Harvester"
           north side:  "Sky Pony"   "Little Dragon"

Slightly farther, north side:  "Mugs"

Mile 105.5, on sign on south side:  "Bully"
          north side:  "Big a Bug"

1/2 mile west of Beverly: on sign on south side:  "Debidacto"

Mile 102, south side: "Freebird"

Mile 101, on shed on south side:  "Rufus"

Mile 100.5, on sign on south side:  "Rock and Roll"

In Lincoln, junction of Highways 18 & 14: "Dream Dragon the Breakout"
        Highway 14, south side of town at bridge by Walkers Elevator, east side:  "Marauder"
        Lincoln Avenue, one block west of Highway 14:  "Flower"
        Lincoln Avenue & 3rd Street:  "Deli Bird"

West of Vesper, south side (near gravel pit):  "Super Bug"   "Kooh Kooh Bird"

Junction of Highways 18 & 232 by Lucas Grassroots Art Center sign:  "Grass Bird"

In Lucas, under the water tower:  "Grass Ness Monster"
        on north Wolf Street:  "Motion Flower"
        on Main Street next to Flying Pig Gallery:  "Mr. Scoop Dig It"

2 small creatures may be found on the Lincoln County, Kansas sign on west bound I-70 entering Lincoln County

Mr. Scoop Dig It - Lucas, KS
Mr. Scoop Dig It - downtown Lucas, Kansas

Soaring Heart Gallery
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