Prairie Nut Hut 
1306 Quincy Street
Altoona, Kansas 66710
(620) 568-2900

Open 4PM - 9PM
Tuesday through Saturday

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Prairie Nut Hut - Altoona, Kansas
"Ha-ha I've still got mine" at the Prairie Nut Hut

Altoona's Prairie Nut Hut

The Prairie Nut Hut in Altoona, Kansas is a unique little bar and grill that is worth a visit. I hesitate to call it a "hole in the wall," since some would think that was a derogatory comment, but it is one in the best sense of the word. The exterior has been cleaned up since I first visited the Prairie Nut Hut and I think it had even more charm before it was cleaned up.

Originally opened in the 1940s or 50s (the present owners are uncertain), the Prairie Nut Hut was operated as the A&B Tavern and well known for serving mountain oysters until closing in the 1980s. It was reopened mid 1990s, and is now a fun place to get generous servings of hamburgers, chicken fried steak and mountain oysters.

Including the stools at the small bar, the Prairie Nut Hut seats less than 40 customers. The floor is littered with peanut shells and the walls are decorated with Christmas lights, "I had a ball at the Prairie Nut Hut" T-shirts offered for sale, & messages like "Come in and have a seat, our mountain oysters are hard to beat." The walls are lined with photographs of people who have dined at the Nut Hut from all over the world.

For those of you unfamiliar with mountain oysters (also known as Rocky Mountain oysters, prairie oysters, cafe fries and other names), they are usually calf testicles, which are removed when a young bull is neutered. Other times they may come from a lamb, buffalo or hog.

At some restaurants, mountain oysters are close to the look and texture of fried oysters. At the Prairie Nut Hut, the breaded and deep fried nuggets and are closer in texture and appearance to fried chicken gizzards. Although smaller servings are available, a mountain oyster basket with French fries and pickles is about $9.99. Iced tea is only $1.25!

As good as the mountain oysters at Altoona's Prairie Nut Hut are, the hamburgers are even better. The Rohr burger (with grilled onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese) is as good a burger as I have ever had and the Chopped Sirloin Burger (a thick patty of chopped sirloin, wrapped in bacon and served on Texas Toast) and Green Chili Burger (grilled green chilies and Swiss cheese) are also very good. specialty burgers are $5.99-6.99. Non specialty burgers start at $3.89.

The Prairie Nut Hut also serves beer, wine and wine coolers, all for $2.50 or less.

Prairie Nut Hut dining room
This shows nearly half of the dining room at the Prairie Nut Hut, there are two more double tables, and three
(original) booths. The bar stools are also original.

Photographs of Prairie Nut Hut customers
Prairie Nut Hut visitor photos line the walls

Food at the Prarie Nut Hut
Clockwise: complimentary peanuts in the shell, prairie oysters side order,
Rohr burger with home fries.

Chopped Sirloin Burge at the Prairie Nut Hut
Chopped Sirloin Burger and home fries

Pork tenderloin at the Prairie Nut Hut
Pork tenderloin and onion rings

Green Chili Burger and home fries

mountain oyster t-shirt
"I had a BALL at the Prairie Nut Hut" T-shirt

Prairie Nut Hut menu - Altoona, Kansas
Prairie Nut Hut menu in March 2019

This is the way the Prairie Nut Hut looked when I first visited it in 2007

Prairie Nut Hut Map
Prairie Nut Hut Map

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