Richard H. Schmidt Museum of Natural History

 Emporia State University
Breukelman Science Hall Room 43
14th and Merchant St.
Emporia, Kansas 66801

8 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday    free
(only when the university is in session)

Richard H. Schmidt Museum of Natural History - Emporia State University

The Richard H. Schmidt Museum of Natural History is located on the campus of Emporia State University. The museum occupies part of the hallway and a large room in the basement of Breukelman Science Hall.

The Schmidt Museum which displays 600 taxidermy mounts of Kansas birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish. The collection was mounted by Richard H. Schmidt who was a biologist and taxidermist at Emporia State University. The display includes over 500 Kansas birds and this is a great place for someone wanting to learn to identify the birds of Kansas.

Researchers may also gain access to the Schmidt Museum's research collection which includes 1,600 bird skins, 1,200 mammal skin, nearly 1,000 fish specimens, and an egg collection with 150 bird species.  

Although enthusists and researchers may spend hours in the museum, most displays the labels are limited to listing the common name of the animals on exhibit and casual visitors to the Schmidt museum will probably be satisfied with 15-20 minutes.

But before leaving the building, go up one floor and south into the Cram Science Hall where the Johnston Geology Museum exhibits fossils and minerals in displays which are well laid out and have interesting labels explaining what they are, where they were collected and putting the artifacts in context.


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