Smitty's Carry Out

233 East D Avenue
Kingman, Kansas 67068
(620) 532-1883

Open 11AM - 8PM daily

Smitty's Carry Out Map   Smitty's Carry Out menu

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Smitty's Carry Out - Kingman, Kansas
Smitty's Carry Out
Smitty's Carry Out - Kingman, Kansas

Following the release of our Best Burgers in Kansas list, several places were recommended to us. We have visited many of those restaurants and although some of them made it onto our list of Unique Kansas Restaurants, Smitty's Carry Out in Kingman was the first of those places to be added to the list. 

Smitty's Carry Out serves great burgers. They don't ask how you want them cooked and they all come well done, but they are juicy and flavorful.  The hand formed hamburger patties are 1/3 pound and the options are up to a three patty, one pound sandwich. There is no extra charge for grilled onions.

The house made onion rings are nearly as good, but the fresh cut fries needed a little more frying. They do offer several house made sauces and the Kicking Horse went well with the fries. 

On our next meal at Smitty's, I need to try the hand breaded pork tenderloin and house made potato chips.

Smitty's Carry Out dinning room
The Smitty's Carry Out dinning room has five tables and there are a couple of picnic tables out front 

The small kitchen 

onion rings and cheeseburger
Onion rings and a hickory bacon cheese burger ($8.19 with a medium drink) 

cheese burger with fries at Smitty's Carry Out
Double cheese burger with fries (8.69 with a medium drink)

Smitty's Carry Out menu - Kingman, Kansas
Smitty's Carry Out menu

Smitty's Carry Out Map - Kingman, Kansas
Smitty's Carry Out Map 

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