St. Joseph's
Catholic Church
 202 Main
Liebenthal, Kansas 67553

Saturday  4:30 pm (October - April)
Sunday  8:00 am (May - September)
Building often open at other times

St. Joseph's Church Map

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St. Joseph's Church - Liebenthal, Kansas
St. Joseph's Church
St. Joseph's Church - Liebenthal, Kansas

St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Liebenthal, Kansas was established in 1876 by German speaking Russian immigrants from the Volga region of the Ukraine in Russia. They completed their first church building in 1878, but as the community grew, a larger church was needed. 

The present building was designed by the German born church architect, Viktor Klutho, from St. Louis and built by the members of the community from native post rock. The construction took three years and the new church was dedicated on May 28, 1905. St. Joseph's had to be partially rebuilt following fires in the 1920s and 1960s. The interior is less ornate since the second fire. The interior walls were restored and repainted in 2014.

The beautiful structure, with its tall single spire and three arched doorways, stands proud over the Kansas countryside and can be seen for miles around. The traditions and achievements of St. Joseph's Church are celebrated during Liebenfest each August, usually on the third Saturday.

Liebenthal is a community of 100 people, about 15 miles south of Hays, Kansas.

St. Joseph's Church
St. Joseph's Church, former rectory and school

St. Joseph's Church monument
Memorial dedicated in 1932

St. Joseph's Church and Rectory
St. Patrick's Church and the Lieben Haus of Contemplation

Grotto at St. Joseph's Church in Liebenthal, Kansas

St. Joseph's Church doors
"St. Joseph's Kirche"

St. Joseph's Church interior


Liebenthal Cemetery
Volga iron crosses in Liebenthal Cemetery, a few blocks from St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph's Church Map - Liebenthal, Kansas
Map to St. Joseph's Church and Liebenthal Cemetery

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