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Kansas has many beautiful, historic or unique churches. This list is a work in progress and we are interested in your suggestions of other churches which we should visit. When you click through to those which have a page of their own, you will find maps and hours to many of these present and former houses of worship.
Atchison, Kansas - St. Benedict's Abbey in Atchison, Kansas is the local center of the Catholic Order of St. Benedict, a global religious community whose first members arrived in Atchison in 1858. The present Abbey was built in 1928 and is the home of the monks who provide faculty and administration for Benedictine College. The Abbey Church was completed in 1957 and serves the students of Benedictine College, It is 270' long and 118' wide.
St. Benedict's Abbey Church - Atchison, Kansas.
Atchison, Kansas - St. Benedict's Catholic Church is a parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kansas City, Kansas. The cornerstone for the present building was laid August 26, 1866. It was built around the earlier Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church, which held its first Mass on December 25, 1858. St. Benedict's church is at the southwest corner of Benedictine College. Prior to 1957, St. Benedict's was the Abbey Church, but it was replaced by the church above. St. Benedict's Catholic Church - Atchison, Kansas
Atchison, Kansas - St. Patrick's Catholic Church, a few miles south of Atchison, Kansas is a lovely old stone church. St. Patrick's parish was established by German and Irish immigrants in 1857, and a wooden church was competed in 1859. The wooden structure was destroyed by a tornado in 1861 and replaced with a 20 x 30' log building. The present church building was completed in 1866.  St. Patrick's Catholic Church - Atchison, Kansas
Baldwin, Kansas - Clarice L. Osborne Memorial Chapel at Baker University in Baldwin City was originally constructed in Sproxton, England in 1864 and was the home to the Methodist congregation of Sproxton, England for 124 years.  After several years of disuse, it was acquired by Baker University, dismantled and shipped to Baldwin City where it was reassembled. Lady Margaret Thatcher assisted in the dedication because her father Alfred had been a lay preacher who had occasionally preached in the Sproxton chapel with his daughter Margaret in attendance. Osborne Memorial Chapel at Baker University
Centerville, Kansas - St. Philippine Duchesne Historical & Memorial Park was the location of St. Mary's Mission, which was also known as Sugar Creek Mission. It was established in 1838 by the United States government as a destination for the forced moving of nearly 900 Potawatomi Indians from Michigan & northern Indiana on a march known as "The Trail of Death."

Rose Philippine Duchesne was a Catholic sister who ministered to the Potawatomi people. She was beatified in 1940 and canonized in 1988.

St. Philippine Duchesne Historical and Memorial Park
Chapman, Kansas - St. Patrick's Mission Church was constructed in the frontier settlement of Chapman's Creek in the early 1860s. The Catholic mission served Irish settlers and Native Americans for about 20 years and served as a school and community meeting place at various times over the years. The church was destroyed by a tornado in 2008 and the St. Patrick's Chapel memorial using the original stone was completed in 2010. St. Patrick's Mission Church Memorial - Chapman, Kansas
Colby, Kansas - The Lone Star Church was built in 1915 by Danish settlers. It was donated to the Prairie Museum of Art and History in 1988 and moved 22 miles to the museum. The congregation of Colby's First Presbyterian Church worships here near Father's Day each year. It is available for weddings. Lone Star Church - Colby, Kansas
Colwich, Kansas - St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church is a historic Romanesque church which was built from 1903-1906, but has been remodeled and made more ornate over the years. St. Mark was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. Colwich, Kansas - St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church
Concordia, Kansas - The Nazareth Motherhouse was built in 1903 by the Sisters of St. Joseph. At one time there were more than 600 Sisters, but today there are around 160 in the United States and Brazil. The Sisters of St. Joseph Sacred Heart Chapel (at the left in the photo) was added to the Motherhouse in 1907.  Nazareth Motherhouse - Concordia, Kansas
Concordia, Kansas - Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church is an unusual, castle shaped church which is constructed from both post rock and Cloud County shell rock. The oldest parts of the church were completed in 1879, but over the years the building has been expanded several times. It was the Cathedral for the Diocese of Concordia from 1887 until the Diocesan See was moved to Salina in 1945. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church - COncorida, Kansas
Damar, Kansas - St. Joseph's Catholic Church is open to visitors 7 days a week. The towers at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Damar were completed in 1913, but the first mass wasn't celebrated until 1917. Some of the nicest features at St. Joseph's were added during renovation in the 1940s and early 1950s. St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Damar, Kansas
Danville, Kansas - Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, in Danville, Kansas was constructed from 1904 to 1907. The Gothic-Romanesque church has a 126' tall bell tower. As the local population shrank in more recent times, Immaculate Conception was merged with catholic churches in the communities of Harper and Anthony to create the St. Joan of Arc parish.  Immaculate Conception Catholic Church - Danville, Kansas
Doniphan, Kansas - St. John the Baptist Oratory has served the unincorporated community of Doniphan, Kansas for over 150 years. Part of the present brick building was built in 1867, though the structure was enlarged in 1891. The stained glass windows were added in 1892. St. John the Baptist Oratory - Doniphan, Kansas
Greenbush, Kansas - St. Aloysius Church Historic Site in the unincorporated community of Greenbush has a church and a church ruins sitting almost side by side. The 1887 St. Aloysius Church was replaced by a larger building in 1907, but the newer building was struck by lightning and destroyed in 1982 and the congregation returned to the older building. The registered Kansas state historic site is very picturesque. St. Aloysius Church Historic Site - Greenbush, Kansas
Hays, Kansas - St. Joseph Catholic Church is just one of the magnificent stone churches in Ellis County. Like many of today's churches, it was the 3rd church built at its location by the Volga German speaking immigrants and was built when the area was at its peak. The interior is not as ornate as many of the nearby Catholic churches, but the building is impressive and and there is an interesting history. St. Joseph Catholic Church - Hays, Kansas
Hays, Kansas - Stone Church was the home of First Presbyterian Church and is the oldest existing church building in Ellis County. The congregation grew over the years and from 1911-13 the tower and an east wing were added. In 1926, a much larger formal classical red brick building was added to the east end of the old church. Both buildings were used by the congregation until 1975 when an entirely different church was built. The 1879 and 1926 churches are now the home of the Ellis County Historical Society Museum. August 1, 2019 these buildings were closed due to mold and may never reopen. Stone Church - Hays, Kansas
Hutchinson, Kansas - St. Teresa Catholic Church was dedicated in 1911. The red brick Romanesque Revival church was designed by Emanuel L. Masqueray and has asymmetrical towers of 70 and 115 feet. 500 people attended the dedication while another 1,000 waited outside. The completed and furnished church cost $51,000 including $1,000 for the high altar and $900 for the Stations of the Cross. St. Teresa Catholic Church - Hutchinson, Kansas
Kansas City, Kansas - St. John the Baptist Catholic Church  is an ethnic Croatian parish established by immigrants residing in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas in 1900.
The altars and pulpit at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church were made in Austria. The original bell is still in the bell tower and is inscribed in Croatian with "The Living I Summon, the Dead I Mourn, the Thunder I Disperse." The stained glass windows were made at the Skarda factory in Berne, Switzerland. 
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church - Kansas City, Kansas
Kelly, Kansas - St. Bede's Parish was organized in the fall of 1901. The first church was built in 1902, but he wood frame building burnt to the ground in 1913. The cornerstone of the present building was laid the same year and it was completed and dedicated on October 10, 1915.

A few years ago a friend told me that this tiny community had a huge Catholic Church and I finally checked it out in 2014. Wow! This German Gothic inspired limestone building is very ornate, inside and out. 

St. Bede Catholic Church - Kelly, Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas - The Festival of Nativities is the reason that Centenary United Methodist Church is included on this page. On weekends in December, the church displays hundreds of nativity sets in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The overall impact is quite impressive. The congregation begins decorating the church three days a week following Halloween. The Centenary nativity collection is so large that not all of it is displayed every year. Festival of Nativities - Lawrence, Kansas
Leavenworth, Kansas - Built in 1893, the Chapel of the Veterans is inspired by a Gothic chapel in England. The Chapel is constructed from unusually long, thin clay bricks and sandstone. The tower has eleven tubular bells (rarely used) and three gargoyles. The lower level of the Chapel of the Veterans, with an entrance on the end, is the Catholic chapel named the Holy Ghost Chapel. The upper level is the Protestant chapel called Immanuel Chapel.  Chapel of the Veterans - Leavenworth, Kansas
Leavenworth County, Kansas - Little Stranger Church is believed to be the oldest wood frame house of worship remaining in the state of Kansas. The first service was held on May 12, 1868, though the congregation began meeting ten years earlier in a log schoolhouse located on Little Stranger Creek. The members of the congregation built the church with lumber sawn at a local lumberyard, from nearby cottonwood trees Little Stranger Church - Leavenworth Country, Kansas
Lenexa, Kansas - This is another church included on this page for an event. The St. Petka Serbian Food Festival and Bazaar at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church started over 30 years ago as a very small bake sale. Over the years, the ladies of the church started preparing the pastries and other dishes at the hall. The festival now fills an entire day on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and is attended by more than two thousand people from all over the Kansas City metropolitan area. Tours of the church are also available. George Serbian Orthodox Church - Lenexa, Kansas
Liebenthal, Kansas - St. Joseph's Catholic Church was established in 1876 by German speaking Russian immigrants from the Volga region of the Ukraine in Russia. The present building was designed by the German born church architect, Viktor Klutho, from St. Louis and built by the members of the community from native post rock. The construction took three years and the new church was dedicated on May 28, 1905.  St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Liebenthal, Kansas
Marion, Kansas - The building housing the Marion Historical Museum was constructed in 1887 for the First Baptist Church and served as a house of worship until the mid 1950s. It was then given to Marion County for use as a museum and dedicated on Old Settler's Day in 1961. First Baptist Church - Marion Historical Museum
McCracken, Kansas - Beautiful St. Mary's Church is no longer active, but is being preserved by a local foundation. There is no regular mass, but the church is still used for occasional weddings, funerals and other events. St. Mary's Catholic Church - McCracken, Kansas
Munjor, Kansas - The native stone St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church was destroyed by fire in 1932, but over time, the building was rebuilt with almost the same external appearance, but no steeple and the interior columns which once supported the ceiling were replaced by a vaulted ceiling. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church - Munjor, Kansas
New Almelo, Kansas - St. Joseph Catholic Church is a striking stone church which was constructed on a hill in 1908 and stands out as you approach the tiny community from the east. It was the fourth church at this location and the first mass was celebrated on October 11, 1878. New Almelo, Kansas - St. Joseph Catholic Church
Nicodemus, Kansas - Nicodemus was established in July, 1877 by Negro "exodusters" from Kentucky. It was named after the first black slave to purchase his freedom in the United States. There are about 40 residents today, as well as several buildings being maintained by the National Park Service. Nicodemus First Baptist Church was completed in 1907 and was built around an earlier and smaller church. Nicodemus African Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1885 of limestone and was closed for religious services in the 1950s. Nicodemus First Baptist
Osawatomie, Kansas - The First Congregational Church of Osawatomie was built in 1861 by the John Brown's brother-in-law, the Reverend Samuel Adair. The church was renovated and rededicated on July 14, 1963, as an all faith chapel which is is now used for special events and weddings. It is known as the Old Stone Church and still contains the original furniture and fixtures. 

315 6th Street, Osawatomie, Kansas 66064 (913) 755-4384 

Old Stone Church - Osawatomie, Kansas
Park, Kansas - Although the parish began in 1898, Sacred Heart Catholic Church has dominated this western Kansas countryside since 1923. Today the church steeple is visible from I-70 for miles. Although Sacred Heart has been nicknamed the "Cathedral of the West," Sacred Heart Catholic Church is not the seat of a bishop and is not a cathedral. It is still beautiful and worth a brief visit when passing through Kansas on highway I-70.  Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Park, Kansas
Pfeifer, Kansas - Holy Cross Shrine is a magnificent 1918 church building which towers 165 feet above the handful of homes remaining in the town surrounding it. Although the Catholic parish served by Holy Cross Church was dissolved in 1993, the building itself remains open to the public on a daily basis. The few remaining parishioners formed Holy Cross Charities, a non-profit corporation that depends solely upon donations to maintain the church and nearby cemetery. The nearby Holy Cross Cemetery has many interesting ornate Volga German iron crosses and is worth a special visit. Holy Cross Shrine - Pfeifer, Kansas
Pilsen, Kansas - St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church in the small unincorporated community of Pilsen is a beautiful church with a steeple that stands 111' above the surrounding area. The church is normally open from mid-morning through the afternoon and Mass is conducted at 9 AM on Thursdays and 10:30 AM on Sundays. Tours are also available of the adjacent museum devoted to Father Emil J. Kapaun, who grew up in this church, was briefly its pastor and has started the process toward being declared a saint. St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church - Pilsen, Kansas
Piqua, Kansas - St. Martin of Tours Parish was established in 1884, 3 years before the Diocese of Wichita. The present brick church building was dedicated November 12, 1922. Although regular mass is no longer celebrated at the beautiful Catholic Church, the building is still maintained and open to the public. 

The interesting old St. Martin's Cemetery is located 200 yards behind St. Martin's church and includes a priests' mound.

saintmartinchurch.htm - Piqua, Kansas
Schoenchen, Kansas - Like many of the large stone churches in western Kansas, St. Anthony Church was the third building is to serve this Catholic parish. Construction of the beautiful present building began in 1900, using native stone, quarried in the area by members of the congregation. The church was dedicated on June 13, 1901.
St. Anthony Church - Schoenchen, Kansas
Shawnee, Kansas - Monticello United Methodist Church started as a Methodist Episcopal Church. The congregation was formed in 1880 by German and American Methodists. Their first church was struck by lightning and burned in 1894. The current Gothic Revival church was erected in the same year.  Monticello United Methodist Church - Shawnee, Kansas
St. Benedict, Kansas - The present Saint Mary's Catholic Church is the 4th church that was built in this small community. It was constructed from 1891-1894, replacing a 40 by 90 feet structure built in 1880. St. Mary's Parish was established in 1859. St. Mary's Church has nearly 3,000 square feet of window space consisting of 17 large windows, two of medium size and six round windows, each six feet in diameter. Some of the windows are of intricate designed art glass, and some are stained glass. Saint Mary's Catholic - St. Benedict, Kansas
St. Joseph, Kansas - St. Joseph Catholic Church is no longer consecrated, but the Guardians of The St. Joseph Church Foundation is preserving the beautiful 1910 brick church. St. Joseph Catholic Church - St, Joseph Catholic Church
St. Paul, Kansas - The square tower of Saint Francis de Hieronymo Catholic Church is visible for miles as you approach St. Paul, Kansas. The  handsome stone church was completed in 1884, but the parish is much older, predating the community of St. Paul. It took 12 years to construct the church from native sandstone quarried near St. Paul. The main bell tower was replaced in 2005, after it broke off above the roof line in heavy winds. Saint Francis de Hieronymo Catholic Church - St. Paul, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas - First Presbyterian Church was organized in 1859. The present (1884) building is very handsome, with hand carved furnishings which were installed in 1935. The best known features of the building are the 100 year old Tiffany Windows. Louis Tiffany visited Topeka and planned the windows which were installed in 1911 at a cost of $14,000. First Presbyterian Church - Topeka, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas - Located less than a block off I-70 in downtown Topeka, St. Joseph Catholic Church is one of the most visible churches in the state of Kansas. Also known as St. Joseph German Catholic Church, the congregation was founded in 1887 to serve Topeka's German and Volga German Russian (Deutsche aus Russland) community St. Joseph Catholic Church - Topeka, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas - The United Methodist Church of Everest, Kansas was built near Everest by the Mount Zion Methodist Episcopal congregation in 1880. Four years later it was moved by wagons and mule teams to a new location within the city of Everest. When the congregation was dissolved in 2001, the church was moved 60 miles to Old Prairie Town at Ward-Meade Park in Topeka. In addition to being an exhibit in the park, the building can be rented for small weddings. United Methodist Church of Everest, Kansas
Victoria, Kansas - The "Cathedral of the Plains" is Saint Fidelis Catholic Church. It has seating for 1,100 people, which, at the time of it's dedication, made it the largest church west of the Mississippi River. The church is 220 feet long, 110 feet wide at the transepts and 75 feet at the nave. Its ceiling is 44 feet above the ground and the towers are 141 feet tall. After several years of petition, St. Fidelis was named a minor Basilica in 2014. Cathedral of the Plains - Victoria, Kansas
Victoria, Kansas - The ruins of Sacred Heart Church, 7 miles north of Victoria, Kansas, are a picturesque stone and brick ruins. Sacred Heart church was closed in 1968 due to declining membership and was destroyed in a fire on October 12, 1998.
Sacred Heart Church Ruins - Emmeram, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas - The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, popularly known as St. Mary's Cathedral, is among the oldest churches in Wichita. The first Catholic Church in Wichita was built in 1872. Construction on the cathedral began in 1906 and it was dedicated September 19, 1912. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception -  Wichita, Kansas
Wichita, Kansas - The Kansas African American Museum occupies a handsome building which was the home of Calvary Baptist Church from 1917 to 1972. When Calvary Baptist Church moved to a different building in 1972, the community formed the First National Black Historical Society in 1973 to preserve this part of Wichita's Black heritage. Thanks to their work, the building was placed on the the National Register of Historic Places in 1993 and in 1997, became the Kansas African American Museum. Kansas African American Museum - Wichita, Kansas
Wilson, Kansas - The United Methodist Church at 2404 Avenue F in Wilson was built in 1888. It is just one of many beautiful stone buildings in Wilson, which calls itself the "Czech Capital of Kansas." Photos of many of the other buildings are on our Wilson, Kansas Page. United Methodist Church - Wilson, Kansas
Wilson, Kansas - St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church now occupies the third building to serve the parish, which was formed in 1882. The first church was completed in 1885. The present building was completed in 1912, using the foundation and walls of the second church, which burned in 1910. The sanctuary of the present building was also damaged by fire (in 1942), but soon repaired. St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church - Wilson, Kansas
Windthorst, Kansas - Although Immaculate Heart of Mary Church no longer serves a congregation, it is preserved as a National Historic Site. Windthorst was a small community which was founded by German immigrant families who moved west from Cincinnati, Ohio in 1878. It is a red brick brick Gothic Romanesque Revival church with a gable facade fronted by a 125' projecting steeple. Buttresses support the church on each side. The church was not stripped of its statuary and ornamentation after the Second Vatican Council in 1963 and is one of the most ornate churches in Kansas. Immaculate Heart of Mary Church - Windthorst, Kansas

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