Sunset Zoo

 2333 Oak Street
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
(785) 587-APES

open 360 days a year

April - October: 9:30AM - 5PM
November - March: Noon - 5PM

Adults $6.00   3-12 years $4.00

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Sunset Zoo - Manhattan, Kansas
Sunset Zoo
Sunset Zoo - Manhattan, Kansas

The Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas is one of the nicest zoos in Kansas. Although the zoo began in the early 1930s (the exact year is uncertain) most of the displays at the Sunset Zoo are modern & roomy. The animals all appear healthy.

I like the way that the Sunset Zoo allows visitors to go into a number of the pens, with just the instructions to stay on the paths. I imagine this couldn't be done in a larger city's zoo. But the animals made me nervous a couple of times - the flamingos and some chickens that may have been just looking for handouts, but were too aggressive acting for my peace of mind.

The Sunset Zoo had two additions in 2012, the Nature Exploration Center at the Zoo's Entryway and the John Woodard Memorial Gibbons Exhibit along the Asian Forest Trail.

Admission to the Sunset Zoo is only $6, and I think that a typical visit will take about an hour and a half.. Combine the visit with the Kansas State University Display Gardens and Bug Zoo for a pleasant morning or afternoon.

No one wanted to let the flamingos get too close

colobus monkeys at Manhattan's Sunset Zoo.
The baby colobus monkey kept things active for the adults

but things were quieter in the chimpanzee exhibit

I wasn't sure if these little ones were looking for food or chasing me off


Sunset Zoo gift shop - Manhattan, Kansas
Sunset Zoo gift shop

Sunset Zoo Manhattan Kansas Map
Sunset Zoo Map

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