Harvey Walz's metal sculptures

North Benton Street
St. Francis, Kansas

 Harvey Walz's metal sculptures map
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The Walz's - Harvey, Lucille
Harvey Walz's metal sculptures - St. Francis, Kansas

These welded metal sculptures in St. Francis, Kansas were created by the late Harvey Walz. Motion is a constant feature of the dozen or so sculptures on display. I never met Mr. Walz, but think I know something about the sense of humor he had.

To see these sculptures, drive north on Benton Street from the Cheyenne County Court House in St. Francis. Look for the art on the east side of the road after about 3/4 mile. Harvey and his late wife Lucille sold fireworks in early July for 30 years. The daughter continues the family tradition.

Politician's Wind Wheel metal sculpture
Politician's Wind Wheel

Outsider art


Harry Walz metal sculpture

American flag wind mill

Harvey Walz's sculptures map - St. Francis, Kansas
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