Bomber Burger
4860 South Clifton Avenue
Wichita, Kansas 67216
(316) 522-6291

Closed until further notice
following the death of the owner

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Bomber Burger - Wichita, Kansas

Chris Rickard passed away on April 24, following an accident earlier int he month. The future of the restaurant is uncertain at this time.

Although I first heard about Bomber Burger in Wichita, Kansas years ago, the limited hours kept me from trying it out until the summer of 2009. But it was such a treat that I have since been back MANY more times. 

Bomber Burger first opened in 1951 and it has been in the Rickard family since 1985. Chris Rickard, who presently runs it, took over in 1997 following the death of his father, Paul Rickard.

Bomber Burger has a counter with seven stools and four small, two person tables. The tables are round and partially cut away so they can be squeezed closer to the wall. The (original) grill and fryer are 5 feet behind the counter and I took a seat where I could watch the meals being prepared. Other than beverages, the only items on the menu for many years were fresh cut French fries and a variety of large (3/4 pound) Kansas angus beef hamburgers and double burgers. More recently, the menu has slightly expanded and it now includes hot dogs, chicken wings, chili, okra and deep fried mushrooms. Fresh cut fries are only $1.50.

Watching the food preparation, the first thing that I noticed was how often Chris Rickard cleaned his hands. Every time he touched anything other than the food and utensils, he would immediately wash his hands. Often within a minute of the last time. Later in the meal, when Chris and I got to talking, I learned that his constantly washing his hands instead of wearing gloves has been a source of confrontation with state health authorities. He told an interesting story which ended with the state agreeing that he might be right, but that it violated their rules and he was fined $1,000. He paid the $1,000 with 10,000 dimes.

The burgers are grilled slowly (15-20 minutes), so they stay very moist. Call ahead if you are in a hurry. They are sprinkled with a secret mixture of garlic powder & other spices and, despite being more done then I prefer, are the best cheeseburgers I have had in Wichita. The fries were every bit as good.

The food at Bomber Burger is served with an attitude. I enjoyed Chris' stories so much that the first time I dined there, I was an hour down the road before I realized I forgot to leave a tip. But this isn't a place for everyone. Many will find the language offensive.

During my 2012 visit to Bomber Burger, I was surprised to find the counter lined with men smoking with their beers. Kansas is now no smoking. Fortunately the tiny restaurant is well enough ventilated that I was able to sit at the counter with them and not have the smoke spoil my meal. When I returned again in 2013, the smoking had stopped, but the counter was still full.

Bomber Burger serves iced tea, Pepsi products and Miller beer. The grill shuts down 20 minutes before closing.

Bomber Burger counter in 2009

Bomber Burger counter in 2018

Bomber Burger grill - Wicihita, Kansas
Bomber Burger grill

French fries and cheeseburger at Bomber Burger
Cheeseburger with fresh cut French fries
This picture is from 2009 when the burger was only 2/3 pound. As the competitors' burgers get bigger, these
burger patties get larger still.

Bacon cheeseburger
Bacon cheeseburger and fresh cut fries

Roethlisberger hamburger ar Bomber Burger in Wichita, Kansas
The Roethlisberger - double cheeseburger with grilled onions, jalapenos, mayo, ,mustard and pickle.
Two 12 ounce patties

Chris Rickard - Bomber Burger
Chris Rickard washing his hands yet again

Bomber Burger - Out of Meat
This sad sign greets you if you arrive too late on Saturday afternoon

Bomber Burger menu
Bomber Burger menu from May 2018

Map to Bomber Burger in Wichita, Kansas
Bomber Burger Map

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