Buster's Burger Joint

     1202 E MacArthur Road
Wichita, Kansas 67216
(316) 524-7800

Open Monday - Saturday: 11AM - 2PM
or until the meat runs out
Cash only!

Buster's Burger Joint Menu
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Buster's Burger Joint - Wichita, Kansas
Buster's Burger Joint
Buster's Burger Joint - Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas has many wonderful little places for burgers and Buster's Burger Joint on the south side of Wichita is one of our newest discoveries. The small building has a counter, seating for just a few people and a cooking area with a small grill and 2 deep fat fryers. They used to make fresh cut French fries, but have moved to frozen fries in recent years. They say that now days most orders are to go and they believe the fresh cut fries do not travel as well. They still do a good job on the frozen fries.

Buster's Burger Joint was operated by father and son team Buster and Garrett Fairleigh for many years, but in January 2021, it was announced that the restaurant was closing for a couple of weeks, Garrett was moving on and Buster's might not reopen. That announcement was followed by the three biggest days in the restaurant's history. So busy they turned the phone off! Buster then thanked their customers and announced that he would reopen after a short break.

The sign where you place your order says, "Our everything is mustard, ketchup, pickle and onion. That is what you get if you say 'everything.'" and "Anything else must be specifically requested." We recommend asking for grilled onions, which they will add at no additional charge.

As of June 2023 the 1/3 pound cheeseburgers are $4.50 for a single or $6.50 for a double. Fries are $2.15 for a small (plenty large) order. For $7.50 including tax, you can get a cheeseburger, side and can of pop! The burgers are great, not particularly pretty, but juicy, without being very greasy. We have added them to our Kansas Best Burgers list.

We look forward to returning and truing more of the short list of items on the menu.

Inside seating is very limited, but there are several picnic tables outside. Be prepared to wipe down the picnic tables before you dine.


Buster at the grill

Dinning area

Buster's Burger Joint grill
The small cooking area

A double cheeseburger with fries

Single cheeseburger with fries

Small order of onion rings

Buster's Burger Joint Menu - Wichita, Kansas
Buster's Burger Joint Menu in June 2023

Buster's Burger Joint Map - Wichita, Kansas
Buster's Burger Joint Map

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