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Haunted Atchison Trolley Tours - Atchison, Kanas
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The Muchnic Art Gallery on North 5th Street was built in 1885 by lumber merchant George W. Howell. 

A servant is supposed to have fallen to her death while hurrying on the back staircase. Although one of the neighbors reports never witnessing any spirit activity, others report that the lights on the back staircase turn off and on by themselves and that some Sunday mornings there is a smell of cooking bacon in the kitchen.

The 2007 tour tells how AV equipment refused to operate in the old mansion until the museum gave up and moved the electronic to a different room.

Open to the public March - December.

Haunted Muchnic Art Gallery
Featured on television programs several times, this North 2nd Street home is said to
be haunted by Sallie, the "Heartland Ghost." The home once belonged to a doctor
and Sallie was a young patient who died in the home. 
Home of Sallie the Heartland Ghost in Atchison, Kansas
Tony and Debra Pickman moved into the home in 1993 and had many unexplained experiences, starting with minor pranks and growing more harmful. The pranks escalated into attacks on the young man. The TV show Sightings visited the home and filmed a welt appearing on the on the man's stomach. It has also been featured on Unexplained Mysteries.

The couple left after the man was pushed from behind and almost fell over the stair railing. A psychic visited the home and said that there are two spirits and the malevolent poltergeist is a the spirit of a 30 year old woman.

There have been no reports of attacks on anyone since they moved out.

There have been various reports of haunting in the upstairs of this haunted home on Parallel in Atchison. The Atchison Globe reported that the owner Beatrice Shisler has seen a "fuzzy looking face appearing on a wall and has heard weird noises."

She said, "I do know there are people who won't even drive by the house because of the experiences they've had."

tour this haunted Atchison house
After passing this house at 6th and Parallel on Trolley Tours twice, I still can't remember details of the "haunting" and have no notes on them. It must be the influence of the spirit:-)

Still, it is an interesting old home and I am leaving the photos here. If you know the details of this haunted house, please email the details.

This home at Kearny & 6th Street is reported as having a spirit which gets along well with the family dog. Once sounds of walking and a door closing led the family to discover a fire that was starting in the basement.

More recently there are reports of a motorized toy car starting up and running on its own. A ghost with the face of an elderly lady has been seen in the house.

The ghost in this house likes the family dog.
Former cemetery still has many bodies. This large empty lot at the corner of 12th and O Streets was once the site of the Atchison Cemetery. The cemetery was eventually moved, but 100 bodies were not accounted for and remain beneath the ground at this location. 

There have been no reported ghost sightings at this location, but that may be because people avoid this abandoned cemetery.

This is included in the 2019 Haunted Atchison Tour.

Remember these are mostly private homes. Do not trespass.

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