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This home at Kearny and 5th Street is reported as having a friendly spirit which once helped the owner put on his jacket and another time prepared tea for the owner's return when she had commented about wanting tea - in the car on the way home. Sounds are also heard in the attic when no one is there.

The homes owners have also smelled oil of cloves, with no explanation of the odor.

This haunted house has a tea making ghost
A ghost visiting this haunted house may have saved the owner's life. Mr. Crawford who lived in this home is reported as hearing and having a vision of a horse drawn hearse pulling up to the house one night, and the driver calling that there was "room for one more." During a later trip, he was about to enter a crowded elevator and in the same voice was told there was "room for one more." He refused to enter and missed the elevator plunging to everyone's death.
This 3rd Street house was the home of Nellie Trueblood, a spinster school teacher who passed away in the house. 

Nellie seems to be one of the most popular ghosts in Atchison, even though her spirit is said to visit crews attempting to remodel the home. Several crews have abandoned the remolding project which has never been completed.

The owners reported seeing an orb and a fire so large they called the fire department, but when the fire department arrived, there was no evidence of there ever being a fire.

Nellie Trueblood ghost's home
haunted Theatre Atchison Theatre Atchison, 401 Santa Fe Street. 

The tour describes noises and a feeling of a presence that was noticed late one night in 2002. There was an unexplained feeling of cold, and repeated rattling of the outside door, but there was no one there. When the worker gave up and tired to take a nap, he was kept awake by pacing footsteps above him, in the attic.

There is no specific spirit associated with this haunt and a thorough online search found no reference to haunting at Theatre Atchison.

The carriage house at the Cray Historical Home Museum is the haunted house, not the main home. 

When he late founder of the museum's possessions were moved from the carriage house and it was turned into a gift shop and projection room, ghosts reportedly messed repeatedly with the videotape and speakers. That only stopped after some of the those possessions were placed on display in the main home.

Open to the public from May - mid December.

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