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Haunted Atchison Trolley Tours
View of the Missouri River from near some of these "haunted" homes.
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This house on South 5th Street was the home of a woman who had to move into a nursing home. One evening the teenage daughter saw the woman in the house, but she disappeared.

They later learned that was the evening that the woman died in the nursing home.

Owner's spirit returned to the home the night of her death
Several different ghosts have been reported as inhabiting the Lane's home on South Fourth Street. The ghosts include a gardener, the Stewart family and guests that they hosted at parties in the home. Neighbors report hearing laughter and Music.

One of Atchison's most famous haunted locations is "Molly's Hollow" in Jackson Park. It is popular as a Lover's Lane.

There are reports of a spirit being seen and strange sounds near a tree where a woman was hanged. There are several different stories about Molly, the tradition has changed over the years. In one version of the legend she was a black woman. In another a young woman who had a dispute with her boyfriend. And there are both stories that Molly was hanged or she fell to her death.

The tour guide reports that there have been three strange deaths at Molly's Hallow. She said that one of the deaths was exactly 50 years before this photo was taken on September 21, 2007.

Many ghosts trouble Molly's Hollow.
Childhood home of claivonyant Gene Davis This home has been removed since we saw it on the 2007 tour. Although we have heard no stories about ghosts in this home on south 5th Street, it was the childhood home of Gene Dennis. Miss Dennis was a clairvoyant who claimed to communicate with spirits.

She left Atchison to tour with vaudeville shows and was the first professional medium to broadcast on the radio in the United States. Gene Dennis appeared on the In Town To-night radio series on April 21, 1934.

At this home on Riverside Drive there have been reports of noises coming from unoccupied rooms. The stereo and TV come on when no one is near them.

This house is reported as having a lot of spirit activity: luggage stored in the attic is sometimes thrown down the stairs. Many times the family living in the house has come home to find all of the attic windows opened.

One woman in the house reported a ghost looking like and old woman entering her bedroom and sitting down on her bed.

haunted house on Riverside Drive in Atchison, Kansas.
redecorating ghost haunted house When this home over looking the Missouri River at Riverside Drive and R Street was purchased by the 2004 owners, it was fully furnished. While remodeling the home, they removed the paintings on the walls to the basement, but the next day every painting was back on the walls in the original location.

In a separate incident, the owners installed a new clock. The following morning, they found the clock removed from the wall and sitting on the floor in the center of the room. The hung the clock again, with the same result. After several tries, they gave up and gave the clock away.

The Santa Fe Depot where the Haunted Trolley Tour begins and ends is reported to be haunted by the Ghost of Hangman Bill, a railroad worker known for his habit of hanging from freight that was loaded on and off cars by crane. Bill died when the cable carrying one of the loads snapped and he was buried beneath the cargo.

Foot steps are reported above and area of the depot that does not have a second floor.

This is another "haunting" that is mentioned on the tour, but to which I have found no other references. 

And yes the Depot is on the National Register of Historical Places.

Huanted Train Depot where the ghost tours begin and end.
These photos and description are just provided as entertainment. I am not suggesting that any of these "hauntings" are genuine. While I enjoy stories about ghosts and spirits, I am skeptical. 

Remember these are mostly private homes. Do not trespass.

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