Little Pyramids

5 miles west of US-83
20 miles north of Scott City, Kansas
in Logan County

Little Pyramids Map

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Little Pyramids - Logan County, Kansas
Kansas Little Pyramids
Little Pyramids

Like the better known Chalk Pyramids (or Monument Rocks) the Little Pyramids are rock outcroppings beside K-95 near US-83 in western Kansas. The 30 feet tall sedimentary formations of Niobrara Chalk were created during the Cretaceous Period, the most recent portion of the Mesozoic era, 80 million years ago when this area was part of a vast inland sea. Fossil shark teeth may be found in the area.

For those of you with GPS the Little Chalk Pyramids are located at  Latitude: 38.75682, Longitude: -100.94952. 19 miles north of Scott City, Kansas.

While you are at the Little Pyramids, stop at the nearby Keystone Gallery for tips and directions.

Little Pyramids - Kansas

Little Pyramids

The area along the Smoky Hill River has many interesting rock formations. Many are on private property and are only visible at a distance, but some, such as the Little Pyramids can be seen from the county roads. They are also on private property and are fenced off. Please treat them with respect.

Little Pyramids Map - Logan County, Kansas
Little Pyramids Map

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