Gary Pendergrass
Steampunk Art
"The Village"

 3831 West 17th Street North
Wichita, Kansas 67203
(316) 619-8001

Open Daylight Hours  Free

Gary Pendergrass Steampunk Art Map

Kansas Grassroots Art

Steampunk Grassroots Art of Gary Pendergrass
Gary Pendergrass Steampunk Art - Wichita, Kansas
Gary Pendergrass Steampunk Art

Gary Pendergrass Steampunk ArtAfter seeing several photos of the Steampunk Grassroots Art of Gary Pendergrass, I was quite excited to have a chance to see the art in person. It fills a side yard at Gary's home in Wichita, Kansas and is open during daylight hours. The sign says, "Welcome, Be careful & safe."

The small yard is packed with steampunk, fantasy and science fiction art, with each piece fighting for your attention. There is so much entertaining art in this space that it is hard to take in. I just wish he had an even larger space so we could enjoy even more of Gary's work.

Gary Pendergrass is a retired home remodeler who first saw steampunk in a hat from Hatman Jack's. After looking at more steampunk art online, he created a few pieces of his own, which were very popular. Running out of space in his home, he started this grassroots art environment outdoors. 

Steampunk is a form of fantasy which uses ideas and designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam powered machinery. Many of the pieces or art which Gary Pendergrass has made are animated, but only a couple of things were lighted the July day which we visited this wonderful art environment.

On my second visit in 2021, I was delighted to the see that the door to the workshop and a gate to the rest of the yard were open This is the area where this wonderful, mostly metal art is created. I could hear a table saw in use and rounding a corner, discovered Gary at work.

He continued to work while I took a few photos, then took a break so we could talk. It was interesting to learn how he started and some aspects of the creative process! The most impressive thing was learning that for the past year, Gary has set up a studio at McAdams Academy, an alternative, trauma informed private school located in Wichita, Kansas. He is a volunteer who works with high risk youths in middle school or high school, helping them acquire the skills to create their own three dimensional art. 

The Gary Pendergrass Steampunk Art Environment is open to the public during daylight hours. Please be considerate of this delightful treat provided by the Pendergrass family and do not disturb them or their neighbor.

More of Gary's art can be viewed at the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Kansas. Kansas is a national leader in grassroots or self taught folk art and many other art environments can be visited across the state.


Dr Henry Jekyll's shop, London - Wichita
Dr. Henry Jekyll's shop






Steampunk engine and Abe Lincoln
Entrance to The Village

New covered area where you can relax and be surrounded by some of the new pieces of folk art.

Gary Pendergrass - Wichita Steampunk Artist
Gary Pendergrass at work

Part of Gary's huge work area behind The Village

More of the work area which is not normally open to the public

Gary Pendergrass Steampunk Art Map - Wichita, Kansas
Gary Pendergrass Steampunk Art Map

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