Stone Gallery
The art of Pete Felten

107 1/2 West 6th Street
Hays, Kansas 67601
(785) 625-7619

Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 4PM
But call to confirm

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Stone Gallery - Hays, Kansas
Stone Gallery
Stone Gallery - Hays, Kansas

The Stone Gallery in Hays, Kansas is the fascinating two story gallery and studio of Pete Felten. Felten is a self taught artist who sculpts, makes pottery, paints, takes photographs, and works in other media. Well, not entirely self taught, he did confess to having studied at an art league school. For one month.

But Pete Felten's art is nationally known. Some of his work has received high visibility, including "Four Kansans" in the Kansas Capitol building, "Monarch of the Plains" at Fort Hays, and the Volga Germans statute across from the Cathedral of the Plains in Victoria. Over 20 of his sculptures that are on public display in Hays.

Felton moves from project to project with many things going at once. Two of the most interesting current projects are a bathroom that he is decorating with tile, and a fence on the edge of the property that he has been working on for years. Pete is interesting as well as creative. 

Pete Felten's Stone Gallery
First Floor of Pete Felten's Stone Gallery.

Woman With Dog by Pete Felten
"Woman With Dog" - sculpted from Silverstone Limestone


Pete Felten reflected in the mirror of the art bathroom
Pete Felten reflected in the mirror of the spectacularly tiled bathroom that he is creating. It reminds me of the
art rest rooms at the Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Four Kansans - Amelia Earhart, Arthur Capper, William Allen White, Dwight Eisenhower
Model for Pete Felten's statue "Four Kansans" which is in the Kansas State Capitol rotunda.
Amelia Earhart, Arthur Capper, William Allen White, Dwight Eisenhower

Pete Felten and garden wall
Pete Felten has been working on this wall for years. It will probably never be finished

Detail of Pete Felten's garden wall.

Pete says that sculptors envy this large space for storing materials that may not be used for years. It is a separate
building next to the Stone Gallery.

Stone Gallery Map - Hays, Kansas
Stone Gallery Map

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