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Topeka Christmas Light Displays - Topeka, Kansas
Here are many of the Topeka, Kansas Christmas light displays worth going out of your way to see. Click on the photos for larger images or links to pages devoted to the displays. 

The tours change every year and several times during the Christmas season as new displays go up. All listings have been updates for 2023. The page was last updated on December 22, 2023 and has probably had its last update for the season.

Please email us if you see errors, changes or have recommendations of displays to be added. 

Topeka Christmas Light
Kingman Christmas Village
Kingman Christmas Village - Topeka, Kansas
Over 30 years, the Kingman Christmas Village grew until 30,000 lights filled the large north Topeka yard. Kenny and Virginia Kingman passed away after setting up the 2022 display, but at least a large portion of the display is up again in 2023. There are many cutout figures and buildings which populate the fictional town of "Nowheresville" including businesses named for family members. Drive the alley behind the lot to see more decorations. There are nice displays across Polk Street from each other, two blocks south of this one.

A. 1935 NW Polk Street, Topeka, Kansas 66608

Cannock Chase Road Christmas Displays
Cannock Chase Road Christmas Displays - Topeka, Kansas There is a block of nice Christmas light displays along Cannock Chase Road leading north from 29th Street. A couple of them particularly stand out, including the one with the address listed below and the one above which is on the right side of the street, where the numbers change and it curves west, at 7100 SW Cannock Chase Road. This display isn't particularly large, but it is so effective and attractive.

Please email if you know more about this holiday display.

I. 2819 SW Cannock Chase, Topeka, Kansas 66614

Roberts Family Holiday Display
Roberts Family Holiday Display - Topeka, Kansas The Roberts Family Holiday Display on North Kansas Avenue was started by Donna Roberts around 1995 and has been part of this tour since 2013. It was once just hand painted snowmen and Christmas trees that her sister had painted. New generations of the family slowly add lights and carry on this tradition for Donna who passed away 3 days before Christmas in 2016. This display is about winter, with icicles, white trees and many snowmen.

B. 1715 North Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66608

Staffordshire Road Christmas
At one time, three homes in a row formed major Christmas Light Displays in the 3000 block of Staffordshire Road on the southwest side of Topeka. For 2019, it is mostly one, with part of one of the display stretching into each of the next yards. There is a lot to see. Either of these displays would be worthy of inclusion on this holiday light tour on its own. The display is produced by Pam and Terry Fleck. 

J. 3032 SW Staffordshire Road, Topeka, Kansas 66614

Potwin Place Neighborhood
Potwin Place Neighborhood Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas The Potwin Place Neighborhood Christmas Display is the most visited stop on our tour of Topeka holiday lights. The national historic district has 6 blocks of well decorated, beautiful old homes, plus theme displays on the small roundabouts at each intersection. Start the tour on Woodland, from 4th Street and tune your radio to 96.9FM. The 2023 theme is Potwin Comes a Caroling and it will be up from November 25 until January 6, 2024.  More photos and a longer review.

C. SW Greenwood & SW Woodlawn, Topeka, KS 66606

Skyline Parkway Holiday Lights
Skyline Parkway Holiday Lights - Topeka, Kansas The attractive Skyline Parkway Holiday Lights display has been part of the Topeka Christmas tour since 2017. Although the size of the display changes a lot from year to year, they do a nice job of decorating the large corner lot. This is across the street from Skyline Park and Burnett's Mound and some mapping programs have trouble finding their way here. Some years Santa has made an appearance at the Skyline Holiday Lights.

K. 3340 SW Skyline Pkwy, Topeka, Kansas 66614

Peace Family Christmas Program
Peace Family Christmas Program - Topeka, Kansas The Peace Family Christmas Program was new to Topeka in 2019. They moved here from Colorado, where they had a program set to music for 5 years. There are many lights & elements to the show, spread over such a large a lot. For the best view, come up the street from the south and watch from the far side of the street. The music is broadcast on 99.9FM and the program runs from 5:30-10PM Sunday - Thursday and 5:30-11PM on Friday & Saturday. Ends January 1, 2024.

D. 655 SW Westchester Road, Topeka, Kansas 66604

Reedy Set Glow
Reedy Set Glow - Topeka, Kansas  Reedy Set Glow was added to the Topeka Christmas display tour in 2020. The Christmas light show includes music broadcast on 89.1FM and singing faces. The show includes about 18 songs and starts at 6PM each night. It runs until 10PM Sunday - Thursday and until midnight on Friday and Saturday. Runs December 1 - 31, 2023. Reedy Set Glow also does a music and light show in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

L. 2838 SE Minnesota Avenue, Topeka, KS 66605

Zoo Lights
Zoo Lights - Topeka Zoo Zoo Lights is a holiday light event which began in 2020 at the Topeka Zoo. Visitors walk through half of the zoo with 150 lighted trees, 200 light displays, a holiday village and Santa Claus. Timed tickets are sold online and are $12-14 for adults or $9 for children. If you don't have the time for a walk through, the part of display you can see through the fence is still worth a look. November 17 - December 30, 2023.

More info about Zoo Lights and how to purchase tickets.

E. 635 SW Gage Boulevard, Topeka, Kansas 66606

Evans Christmas Lights
Evans Christmas Lights - Topeka, Kansas The Evans Christmas Lights run nightly from 5-10 PM with a light program and music broadcast on 88.7FM. Many of the homes in the surrounding Southboro Subdivision have large displays and some use white light roping to tie them together. In some blocks, nearly every home has the white lights and it provides very attractive panoramas. Southboro is north of the intersection of 45th and California Avenues. Facebook page.

M. 4300 SE Michigan Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Vincent Cook's Christmas Display
Vincent Cook's Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas Vincent Cook's amazing Christmas display began in 2015. The lights in the backyard alone would put this display on the tour. That year the front yard had a Deer Versus Snowmen Football Game between the "Deerheads" and the "snowballs." 2021 is the 6th year of the display, which changes year to year and grows each day through Christmas. There was no display in 2022 because of street construction, but it is back in 2023.

F. 1195 SW Webster Avenue, Topeka, Kansas 66604

Robinson Christmas Display
Evans Christmas Lights - Topeka, Kansas The Robinson Christmas Display is a new entry to our Topeka Christmas for 2023. There are over 35 inflatables including dogs, Santas, and snowmen sitting back from the north side of the street near the home. 

N. 2640 SE 45th Street, Topeka, Kansas 66605

National Lampoon Christmas
National Lampoon Christmas Vacation - Topeka, Kansas The National Lampoon Christmas Vacation display has several elements from the movie, including Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) dangling from a ladder which has fallen back from the building, Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) holding a hose, and the fried cat under the chair. This display was new to the tour in 2018 and more elements have been added to the display in each year. WHile there was no display when we checked in 2022, it is back in 2023.

G. 1828 SW Moundview Drive, Topeka, Kansas 66604

Winter Wonderland XXVI
Winter Wonderland XVI - Topeka, Kansas 2023 is the 26th year for Winter Wonderland, a fundraiser for TARC. Located in the Lake Shawnee Campground, Winter Wonderland XXVI runs from 6 - 10 PM from November 22 until December 31, 2023 (Closed 11/27, 12/4, & 12/11). Admission is $10 per car, $20 for Commercial vehicles or small buses, $30 for buses. There are other activities at Winter Wonderland including a 5K run.

More photos and a longer review of Winter Wonderland.

O. 3435 SE East Edge Road, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Staniec Family Christmas Lights
Staniec Family Christmas Lights - Topeka, Kansas The Staniec Family Christmas Lights was new to our Topeka Christmas Display Tour in 2022. The flashing lights are set to music broadcast on 102.5FM and there is a different program every other night. There are two LED light trees, the larger of which sings most of the program. Approach the house from 21st because Eveningside continues only a couple of blocks to the south. In 2023, it runs Thanksgiving to New Years Day 5:30-930 PM.

H. 2124 SW Eveningside Drive, Topeka, Kansas 66614

Croco Road Christmas Display
Croco Road Christmas light display - Topeka, Kansas The Croco Road Christmas Display hasn't been up every year, but it is up in 2021. It is spread over more than an acre and many of the elements of this large display by Byron & Sandy Glotzbach  (including a helicopter in the air with a spinning rotor) are impressive It is a little harder to see by being partially hidden by the Croco Road I-70 overpass, but there is a wide shoulder where you park and check it our.

P. 2100 Southeast Croco Road, Topeka, Kansas 66605

Topeka Kansas Christmas Light Tour Map
This route takes you by the Topeka Christmas Displays in the same order that they
are listed above. The entire route is 37 miles and takes over an hour & 24 minutes to drive,
without the time spent at the displays. Or break the tour into North, West, and South Topeka
Christmas light tours on different nights.
Displays A, B, C, D, E & F
Displays G, H, I, J & K
L, M, N, O & P

2023 Northwest Topeka Christmas Light Tour

Dondee Lane Christmas Display
Dondee Lane Christmas Display - Topeka, Kansas The Dondee Lane Christmas Display is new to the Topeka Christmas Light Tour in 2022. It was good finding this Christmas display after so many older ones did not come back this year. The most unusual item in this display is the inflated Santa in a snowman head hot air balloon at the far left.

A. 4211 NW Dondee Lane, Topeka, KS 66618

Blassingame Nativity
Blassingame Nativity Nativity - Topeka, Kansas We love the large Roy and Beverly Blassingame Nativity, which is just a couple of doors from the previous display. This is the 8th or 9th year that this display has been up, but the display was expanded in 2022 and I particularly like the Magi on camel silhouettes that were added along the fence. Drive around to the far side of the home to see more new silhouettes.

C. 3312 NW 33rd Terrace, Topeka, Kansas 66618

The North Pole
The North Pole - Topeka, Kansas The North Pole was new to the Topeka Tour in 2022. 2023 is the 13th year that the Anderson family has done a display and the 5th year that the display has been this large. This year they have added a homemade wood nativity scene and 20 ft inflatable reindeer. It is call the North Pole because they are located so far north in Topeka. The lights are spread over an enormous yard and are much more effective in person than they are in this photo. 

B. 2900 NW 43rd Terrace, Topeka, KS

35th Street Nativity
35th Street Nativity - Topeka, Kansas We didn't spot this 35th Street Nativity display in 2019, but it doesn't stand out until you are pulling up Bent Tree Lane to 35th. This is is so simple, but so effective. The spotlight on this nativity cut out throws a large shadow on the side of the home, centered on a bright lighted star.

Please email if you know more about this holiday display.

D. 3221 NW 35th Street, Topeka, Kansas 66618

Far Northwest Topeka Christmas Light Map - Topeka, Kansas
Far Northwest Topeka Christmas Light Map

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