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Gallery of Inez Marshall sculpture
Gallery of art carved by Inez Marshall from white limestone,
magnesium limestone and composition rock

The small town of Lucas has a fascinating collection of modest attractions. Other interesting places to visit in Lucas are the Garden of Eden, World's Largest Collection of World's Smallest Versions of World's Largest Things, Florence Deeble's Rock Garden, Garden of Isis, and Abraham Eric's Flying Pig Studio & Gallery. All are located within an easy walk of Lucas' Grassroots Art Center.

Inez Marshall sculpture
Model T Ford chiseled from solid rock by Inez Marshall

Doren Spillman's farm wood carvings
Doren Spillman (1926- ) of Hoxie, Kansas carved this wooden farm and the
mechanisms beneath the table that animate the figures.

Glenn Stark of Kingman, Kansas has been creating wood and concrete sculpture for over 60 years

Warren Lingg of Cawker City, Kansas started making his crotch people at age 84. He also
writes poetry to tell the people's stories.

Lawrence Reynolds (1941- ) of Hays, Kansas uses discarded or found objects to depict
life as he sees it. Many of his creations have a religious theme.

Paul Boyer's animated minatures
Paul Boyer (1930- ) of Belleville, Kansas carves and animates wonderful
miniatures which can be viewed at the Boyer Gallery in Belleville.

Eric Abraham's Flying Pig Gallery
Ceramist Eric Abraham of Waubansee, Kansas has recently opened the
Flying Pig Gallery just up the street from the Grassroots Art Center. This
isn't self taught art, but whimsical fine art.

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