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Scotty's Classic Cars in Arma, Kansas
Sunday - April 30, 2012: We finally visited the Caspian Bistro in Overland Park. The online reviews of this Meditrainian restaurant have been discouraging, but I felt like it was time to give them a try.

We began with the $12.99 Caspian appetizer platter which included dolmeh, hummus, kashk, badenjan, salad olivieh and feta cheese. The only items which we cared for were the humus and the feta, but there was very little feta. Our entrees were the $11.49 boneless chicken kabob and $16.49 barg kabob (char boiled  filet mignon). They each came with the choice of rice or baked potato and a salad.

The meat dishes were both rather bland. The house vinaigrette dressing was tasty and different - it was probably the only part of the meal I would repeat. This whole meal was OK, but not a special treat. 


Caspian Bistro - Overland Park, Kansas Caspian Bistro
Saturday - April 29, 2012: Mary joined us in investigating Haru's Steak and Sushi Place in Olathe. The teppanyaki style food is good was well prepared and we were surprised at how easy to get a table on a Saturday evening. The performance at the table was much less elaborate than typical at a Japanese Steakhouse, but that wasn't what we were particularly looking for and we were quite satisfied.

The salmon and steak were the stand out items, with the steak and chicken not particularly standing out.


Haru's Steak and Sushi Place - Olathe, Kansas Haru's Steak and Sushi Place
Friday - April 28 2012: We had supper at the brand new The Peanut On Santa Fe, which has moved into the downtwon Overland Park space which until recently had housed The Taste. This is 5th location for the Kansas City, Missouri based bar and grill and the second location in Overland Park

The menu is a little small at the Peanut, but they do the dishes they have, very well. Many people think they serve the best Buffalo style chicken wings and the large meaty wings were as good as billed.


The Peanut On Santa Fe - Overland Park, Kansas The Peanut On Santa Fe
Monday - April 23, 2012: Tonight we visited Barley's Brewhaus in Shawnee for the first time in over a year. The bar and grill has recently done an extensive remodeling. There is a new large covered patio for smokers and the dining room is now much more open.

The menu is very appealing, with a nice variety of dishes described in a most appealing way. The food is more average and a bit overpriced for this market. We tried a number of the small small plates.


Barley's Brewhaus in Shawnee, Kansas Barley's Brewhaus
Saturday - April 21, 2012: We intended to have lunch at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ in Olathe, but at 1:30 PM, the line still went the length of the dinning room and out the door to the curve. 

Instead, we revisited 119th Street Diner, which opened in Olathe almost a year ago. The menu has been updated and the selection has expanded. The service has steadied out and is also going much better. The food was uniformly good, but with no stand outs. The grill salmon and sandwiches were the best items sampled.


Friday - April 20, 2012: We dined at Delhi's Southern Cuisine in Kansas City, Kansas. The menu at this soul food buffet changes daily and on Friday it includes fried catfish, baked catfish, gumbo, red spaghetti, fried potatoes, and other dishes. The fired catfish is a stand out,  the best item we have found at Delhi's.

The food at Delhi's is very good. The only weakness is the desserts, which tend to just cake or Jell-O, rather than the hot cobbler or other items that we have seen at other soul food restaurants.


Delhi's Southern Cuisine - Overland Park, Kansas Delhi's Southern Cuisine
Thursday - April 19, 2012: We had supper at the Longbranch Steakhouse & Saloon, which may now be the oldest restaurant in Lenexa. The chicken and shrimp kabobs are among the best dishes at the Longbranch and were both good and fairly reasonable at $12.99 for two kabobs and one side dish.

The grilled chicken wings are also above average, but fairly pricey at $9 for 8 little thirds. They come with the choice of hot, mild, BBQ or teriyaki sauce. The hot, isn't very hot and would be my recommendation among the sauces.


Longbranch Steakhouse and Saloon - Lenexa, Kansas Longbranch Steakhouse & Saloon
Tuesday - April 17, 2012: With the recent closing of Indian and Japanese restaurants in south Overland Park, it seems like a good time to revisit Chilli n Spice, the Indian Bistro at 133rd Street and Antioch. This small storefront restaurant has a week day lunch buffet with a different selection of dishes from most Johnson County Indian restaurants.

The server was nice enough but seemed totally inexperienced. He didn't ask customers what they would like to drink (missing the chance to up sell a beverage) and simply left a pitcher of water at each table. Just water - no ice, though he brought ice when I asked.


Chilli n Spice - Overland Park, Kansas Chilli n Spice
Sunday - April 15, 2012: We had lunch in Cherokee, Kansas where I revisited the Idle-a-While, a little Mom & Pop bar that is more about the food than the beer. We had good fresh made onion rings and mountain oysters. Well, I pretty much had the mountain oysters to myself. They were tender and very good.

Mary and Linda had steak tips, while I had the strip steak special. All of the food was good and very reasonable. The girls particularly liked the handmade breads. 

I was a bit surprised, when near the end of the meal, the owner looked at me and said, "You're the Kansas Travel guy!" He and his wife were quite familiar with my previous review.

When we were driving through Arma, we stopped so I could check on Scotty's Classic Cars. Scotty's closed over a year ago and most of the collection was sold to the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History in Rosanky, Texas. But there are still restored classic cars which are available to purchase. Would you like a 1962 Ford Galaxie Sunliner Convertible or a 1951 Ford Victoria?

Friends joined us for supper in Fort Scott, where we checked out Sharky's Pub and Grub, which opened last summer in the 1888 building which previously housed Rusty's Sports Bar and Grill. We tried a burgers, breaded pork tenderloin and Caribbean marinated pork chop. I can't say that I was impressed with any of the food.

"The Lug" was a huge sandwich with two 8 ounce burger patties, swiss cheese, bacon, red onion & BBQ brisket, topped by an onion ring and chili. It did look impressive, but the food really wasn't a treat. $11.99 with the choice of a three sides.


Idle-a-While bar and grill - Cherokee, Kansas Idle-a-While

Scotty's Classic Cars - Arma, Kansas Scotty's Classic Cars

Sharky's Pub and Grub - Fort Scott, Kansas Sharky's Pub and Grub

Saturday - April 14, 2012: We had supper at the brand new Peanut on Santa Fe in downtown Overland Park. It moved into the space which had been occupied by Taste.

The food at this location is identical to what I have had at the other Peanut bar & grill locations in Kansas City, Lee's Summit and Overland Park. The peppery, large Buffalo style chicken wings were very good. Many people think they are the best in wings in the city.

The onion rings were also very good. The pork tenderloin was the least exciting dish which we tried.


Peanut on Santa Fe - Overland Park, Kansas Peanut on Santa Fe
Thursday - April 12, 2012: I visited Downtown Diner in Olathe because the grilled chicken salad special sounded good on Facebook. The salad was wonderful, huge with lots of good grilled chicken, bacon, egg and cheese. It almost didn't need dressing.

The owner saw me taking photographs and invited me to take a few shots in the kitchen.


Downtown Diner kitchen in Olathe, Kansas Downtown Diner kitchen
Saturday - April 7, 2012: Linda and I had supper at Johnny C's Pizza in Shawnee, Kansas. The St. Louis style pizza restaurant has been open since 1985 and it had been a couple of years since I last investigated them. The thin crust pizza would have benefited from coming out of the oven a minute or two earlier, but was still good. The Buffalo style hot chicken wings were also fairly good and I think I will be giving Johnny C's a second try in the near future..


Johnny C's Pizza - Shawnee, Kansas Johnny C's Pizza
Thursday - April 5, 2012: Tonight we visited Kanz's City Pizza and Burgerz in Lenexa for the second time. The hand tossed pizza took very little time to come and was the best item we tried. The sauce could use a little something more, but the crust and toppings were both good. 

The cheesy balls (meatballs covered in cheese, breaded & fried) were all about the cheese and the meatballs were not that noticeable at the center.

I usually order my meat medium rare, because most restaurants in this region overcook their meat and I have to order that way to get even close to the medium that I actually want. This burger was actually rare, so I will know to order a medium if we give them another try.

The fresh cut French fries were much better this time.


Kanz's City Pizza and Burgerz - Lenexa, Kansas Kanz's City Pizza and Burger
Tuesday - April 3, 2012: We hadn't checked out the New York Dawg Pound in Overland Park since shortly after it had opened in early 2011. The food and prices were mostly unchanged in the past year. I tried out the Buttercup which is a Chicago style hot dog and the Dalmatian with grilled peppers & onions, jalapenos and hot mustard. I liked them both, but someone looking for a true Chicago dog would look down their nose at the wrong meat and bun.

Linda liked the Polish sausage.


New York Dawg Pound - Overland Park, Kansas New York Dawg Pound 
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